Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A Virtual Assistant is a independent worker who provides services to clients from a remote location. Virtual Assistant can work part-time or fulltime basis.

Virtual Assistant provides support to individuals or construction businesses mostly administrative support, marketing support or system support.

Individuals or businesses get instant support of a highly skilled employee on a cost efficient way. Hiring a VA helps cuts down on company overheads, employee benefits, taxes, and insurance normally business owners responsible for without compromising quality.

You may consider hiring a Virtual Assistant if:

a. You are overwhelmed with current workload and daily to do list

b. Too much workload, loosing hours of sleep due to late work nights

c. Missing important appointments and meetings

d. You always missed your childrens events or family activities

e. You spend too much time on administrative task than your core business

f. Your business needs skilled employees

g. You are ready to scale up your buiness

h. You need someone to handle your CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

i. Needs help in managing social media accounts

j. Reduce Cost and save more money

k. Needs help in generating leads

l. Needs work-life balance

m. Needs help growing online presence for your business

We can provide parttime or fulltime VAs depends on your business requirements. However based on our experience with other clients sooner or later you will want to upgrade hiring fulltime VAs.

If you are not 100% happy with your remote employee just let us know either we find replacement or end your contract immediately.

Once complete with the paper works and paid with one time signup & Processing fee we aim to provide you with fully trained Virtual Assistant within one- two weeks.

We can recommend Softwares help you monitor and manage your VAs work hours and status of task they are working on

To get started schedule your free 30 minutes consultation or demo call to learn more about our services. Please click the link below or contact us at +1 631 892 9898.”

Normally you will communicate with your VA via email, teams app or zoom. Part of our onboarding training is to train our VAs to report on a daily basis with SOD(Start of Day Report) and EOD( End of Day Report)

Our packages starts from $8.75 per hour. His work out to be $350 per week based on 40hrs. (8hours/day) Work week.

You don’t need to pay: Insurance, Furnitures and computers, internet and office space

You will be issued Quickbooks Invoice every Friday each week due the following day or due not later than the next working day.

Deffinitely you can. Bonuses are not expected but is greatly appreciated. Let us know the amount you would like to gift and we will add it to your next weekly invoice  and we will pass it on in full with your message.

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